Legal Services

Atkinson & Mentzer, LLC offers a wide variety of legal services to help you through a variety of legal issues you, your family or your small business may be facing. The law is complex across these many areas, let Atkinson & Mentzer, LLC simplify things for you.

Personal Injury

If you, a family member or loved one has suffered an injury, Atkinson & Mentzer, LLC is here to provide you with the best legal guidance and representation to ensure your fair compensation. Falls, medical mistakes, defective products, are just a few areas where we can help you. Contact us and get answers to your questions.

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At one time or another, we all have faced financial burdens. Sometimes those burdens become so great there seems to be no hope. Atkinson & Mentzer, LLC can show you there is hope and in that hope we will provide you with the best legal remedies to put you back on the path to financial stability. Contact us and let Atkinson & Mentzer, LLC help you control your financial struggles.

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Family Law

At Atkinson & Mentzer, LLC, we put our many years of legal experience to assist you when facing divorce, spousal or child support, and/or child custody. Family law matters are complex and you should never face them alone, especially without legal representation. Let Atkinson & Mentzer, LLC show you how we can help. Contact us immediately.

Criminal Defense

Atkinson & Mentzer believes in providing the best legal defense to our clients. Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a delayed or lapse in judgement can result in the possible of criminal charges. Regardless of circumstance, you are entitled to legal representation. Let our experience and expterise provide you the best defense you deserve.

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Civil Litigation

Atkinson &Mentzer, LLC provides advice and representation for individuals and small businesses in actual or potential civil litigation before Administrative Agencies or in Court.

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Traffic violations and points on your driving license can lead to higher insurance rates or a suspended license. Atkinson & Mentzer, LLC understands that your driver's license is important to you, your family and your livelihood.

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