Family Law

At Atkinson & Mentzer, LLC, we recognize that life can sometimes throw a curve ball at you that you are not prepared for.

Our lives, our spouse, our children, our home and our finances can easily turn upside down. Our attorneys realize that emotions can easily overcome rational decisions and logic. We are here to provide the rational, logical next steps you will need to navigate through the obstacles that you face.

Whether it is divorce, litigating child support and visitation issues, preparation of a will, medical power of attorney, or the administration of a loved one’s estate, our attorneys will provide you the service that you deserve.

Atkinson & Mentzer, LLC is dedicated to providing sound legal advice to protect your interests. Do not hesitate to contact us and schedule an in person consultation and learn how we can help. Please note there is a one hour fee for this consultation.

Personal Injury

If you, a family member or loved one has suffered an injury, Atkinson & Mentzer is here to provide you with the best legal guidance and representation to ensure fair compensation. Falls, medical mistakes, defective products, are just a few areas where Atkinson & Mentzer can help you. Contact us and get answers to your questions. We offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation for these types of services.

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We all have faced financial burdens and sometimes those burdens become so great that there seems to be no hope. Atkinson & Mentzer can show you that there is hope and in that hope we will provide you with the best legal remedies to put you back onto a path of financial stability. Contact us and let Atkinson & Mentzer help you face your financial struggles.

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Criminal Defense

Our attorneys believe in providing the best legal defense for our clients. Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time, a delayed or lapse in judgement can result in the possible of criminal charges. Regardless of circumstance, you are entitled to legal representation. Don't wait until the last minutes to protect your freedom. Let our team put together a game plan for you to achieve the best outcome possible. Our experience and expterise will execute that game plan and provide you the best defense you deserve.

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