Criminal Defense

 Our office defends people that are charged with Assault, Theft, Robbery, False Statement to Police Officers, Economic Crimes including Credit Card Fraud, Employee Theft, as well as jailable traffic crimes such as Drunk Driving, Hit and Run, and Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License.

There are several ways that a client receives charges.  An applicant files an application for a Statement of Probable Cause.  Based upon the contents of statement one of two may happen, an arrest warrant may be issued or a criminal summons issued.

If a criminal summons is issued and depending on which jurisdiction your crime occurred, you may have to appear at an Initial Appearance before a District Court Commissioner in which you will be arraigned of your charges and your right to counsel.

The Arrest

If an arrest warrant is issued, the Defendant is entitled to legal representation at an Initial Appearance before the District Court Commissioner where the Commissioner will review the application of statement of charges with the Defendant and take factors in consideration in setting bond such as the seriousness of the crime a, reasonable assurances that the Defendant will appear in Court, and the threat to public safety.

At the Initial Appearance, counsel can assist the Defendant in providing information that would assist the Commissioner in setting a reasonable bond.

In the event that bond is not set, or the Defendant cannot afford bail, typically during the next Court business day bail reviews are heard by a District Court Judge.

Our Process

The Interview

The attorney’s at Atkinson & Mentzer, LLC will schedule a free initial interview with the charged Defendant and/or his family in our office and conduct a full biographical interview.  We will further review any charging documents for legal sufficiency, possible defenses, determine any potential witnesses, review the defendant’s record and quote a fee that is fair and reasonable based upon the time and resources that would be required to litigate the case to verdict.

Sometimes when a Defendant is incarcerated pending trial, we can arrange a personal interview at the location for which the Defendant is incarcerated. Unfortunately these interviews are not free and a jail interview fee would have to be paid prior to the personal interview. Interview fees are not retention fees and only provide for the attorney's time to discuss the Defendant's case.


When our office is retained Defendant’s are required to execute a formal retention agreement in which the parameters of representation are clearly spelled out including client matter, manner and method of payment etc.  Our appearance will then be entered in the case and our entry of appearance, pre-trial motions, discovery etc. will be commenced.

At Atkinson & Mentzer, LLC, our attorneys,  Lesley “Les” Atkinson and Yollette Atkinson, are committed to providing you with timely updates on your case.  Unfortunately, sometimes the nature of crowded dockets and prosecutors with heavy case loads leads to last minute communications with our office concerning your case.  We want you to be sure that we are working diligently on your case.  Call us at (410) 882-9595 to schedule your free consultation today.

Personal Injury

If you, a family member or loved one has suffered an injury, Atkinson & Mentzer is here to provide you with the best legal guidance and representation to ensure fair compensation. Falls, medical mistakes, defective products, are just a few areas where Atkinson & Mentzer can help you. Contact us and get answers to your questions.

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Family Law

Atkinson & Mentzer puts our years of experience to assist you when facing divorce, spousal or child support, or child custody. Family law matters are complex and you should never face them alone and especially without legal representation. Let Atkinson & Mentzer show you how we can help. Contact us and see how Atkinson & Mentzer can help.

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We all have faced financial burdens and sometimes those burdens become so great that there seems to be no hope. Atkinson & Mentzer can show you that there is hope and in that hope we will provide you with the best legal remedies to put you back onto a path of financial stability. Contact us and let Atkinson & Mentzer help you face your financial struggles.

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